Final things to get you started

Well, actually a lot of little things that you all still need to know to get started here well prepared.

Document your journey

First of, if you’re new here create your own page in the 😊Personal Pages space and add the following page: “Things I Notice”.

What goes in here? Everything. Weird, fun, different than expected, dumb you name it! You have a unique green view of how we work. Talk about it with the Kickstarter or your colleagues. You might find a blindspot or a nice system we can improve on. And if you find something to improve why not do that yourself? Afraid you might f*ck it up? Don’t be. We encourage you do make some awesome mistakes.

Making mistakes is a must

Help! I made a terrible mistake!

Mistakes must be made! If you don't make mistakes, you won't learn anything. No one has ever left us because they made a mistake. We don't make mistakes secretly, especially the very expensive ones. In fact, if we don't talk about them and share them, your colleagues won't learn from them either. If something goes wrong, look at it critically and ask yourself the 'why did it go wrong’ question (Preferably 5 times).

The first mistake is a learning opportunity. Making the same mistake a second time is an orange flag. We rarely see anyone make the same mistake three times. If you want to celebrate mistakes share them in the Slack channel #cheers_4_peers_humble_brags_and_epic_failures. You'll also find a lot of support there ❤️

Go by bike

Groningen is the cycling city. Cycling is faster than walking, and you get to travel bigger distances. You can also put nice stickers on nice bikes so you can brag to the world you work at Voys. That’s why we’ll supply you with a company bike for your entire working career at Voys.

If you do need a car for longer distances, nearly all of the company cars are electric and you can reserve one for the days you need them. More about Travel and 🚲Commuting.


1% better

Keep questioning all the things we view as normal. Never settle on any “but that’s just how it works” answer. You will find things that don’t work great. You will find things that are broken. You will be able to take action and fix them. '1% better every day' is what we call it, something we shamelessly borrow from the company Zappos.

Have you improved something? Then mention it in the #general or #company_update Slack channel. That way, your colleagues can also enjoy these fun moments of success.


There comes a time when you're technically done with the company, and you're ready for something else. This is also something you can just tell your colleagues. We enjoy you and your qualities as long as you are here. So see this our company as a place to learn and develop yourself.

Applying for a new job is easier if you don't have to make a secret of it. Your colleagues know a lot of people and are happy to think along with you. In addition, we will be happy to write a truthful reference for you. We will ask to train your replacement properly before you leave 😉

We will be missing you when you’re gone but we’ll celebrate your new endeavours with the same enthusiasm we had on your arrival.

More info in 👵Pension plan and 🤝Ending an employment contract and post employment

In conclusion

You will be given a lot of freedom and responsibility.

Please remember: if you keep the Purpose in mind and have ❤️Our core values as your guide, you will always make the right decision.

Enjoy your time here!

Let’s continue with how we want to work together starting with 🔄Being a meaningful business

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