Being a meaningful business

A new economic system

Our economic system needs to change. Business has long been able to place itself outside of society. We need a new generation of businesses that create system value.


To create System Value, you need to be a meaningful business.

A meaningful business

A business that is creating system value adds meaning. There are three models that combined create a meaningful business.

  • A business model; creating customer value and in turn business value.
  • A fulfillment model; creating personal value and well-being for the people that work in the organization.
  • An Improvement model, creating social value, and welfare which also means you are sustainable or regenerative for the environment.

Stewards Ownership and Mission lock

A meaningful business should not be owned by shareholders which focus only on the economic value created. The mission of the organization should be locked and the organization should be steward owned.

The partners the organization affects should be their accountability partners

  • The customers for which customer value is created.
  • The people in the organization for which personal value is created
  • And the society for which social value is created.

Making an organization self-managed is a logical outcome if you want to create a meaningful business that is steward owned.

The Impact Strategist is currently investigating how to best embed Mission Lock and Steward Ownership

Read up on how we embed being a meaningful business in our organization on the ❤️‍🔥Our purpose & our impact page.