No matter how far you live from the office, we’ll provide a company 🚲 bike on loan! Travel expenses are reimbursed for commuting more than 10 km. You can choose if you want to use πŸš‹ Public transport or if you want to come by πŸš— going by car.

πŸš‹ Public transport

If you want to travel to your workplace by public transport, you can apply for a business card. A personal business card will then be ordered for you with which your commuting traffic will be reimbursed. This card can be used for travelling by train, bus, metro, tram, taxi, Q + R parking, Greenwheels car and OV bicycle and bicycle storage. When you use the personal business card, you are not entitled to travel reimbursement for commuting expenses

With this card, you can also travel outside your commuting traffic. For this part you will receive a private invoice that you have to pay privately. The Salary administration can get you a card.

For business travel, you can of course use a business card. There are 10 cards available for use in the vault, which you can request stating travel day and reason at the Salary administration.

πŸš— Going by car

If you choose to travel by car, you receive a monthly fee based on the number of days you travelled the previous month of € 0.21 per kilometre, only if you live more than 10 kilometres away from the office, up to a maximum of 50 kilometres. We apply this fee for the fastest route, and we don’t reimburse speeding tickets πŸ˜‰

The number of travel days is based on the number of days you checked into the office.

The check-in pole is leading. See



Company car

We have a special contract for the people that have a company or service car. You can find this here . You basically get a car if you need it (> 20.000 business KM’s a year ex commuting) for your most commonly filled roles. This is rare: we found only a few people really need a car, because we love

. All services cars are electric πŸ”Œbecause we want to minimize our emissions.

Pool cars

For other colleagues who need a car on occasion, we have a few cars available that you can reserve. You can make reservations in this sheet. Please leave the car as you found it: filled with petrol and tidy 😘

Washing cars

We have a car wash next to the office, and we have a contract with set car wash. So if a company or pool car is grey instead of white (or a darker shade of blue), please feel free to use it πŸ˜€

Car questions?

If you have questions, ask the Fleet captain for more information

🚲 Bicycle

You will be provided with a cool Brikbike on loan. This will be arranged for you by the Wheeler Dealer. We encourage you to have a really fun time using it. However, when using the bike, you’ll need to follow some simple rules.


βš™οΈ Bicycle maintenance

I have a Brikbike

  • For maintenance of your bike, you can contact Pims Bikes.
  • Pims sends a periodic mail for regular maintenance
  • If there is an issue with the bike, you can call them or email them to make an appointment. They can arrange a loaner when you can't wait for it.

I have a VanMoof

We used to have VanMoof as the default loaner bike, but maintenance on these is insane, so we switched to Brikbike. You can go to your regular bike repair shop with the bike and send in the bill using the

policy. The VanMoof bikes are being phased out. We bring them to https://refide.nl/ to fix them up. These bikes end up at people that need them most, with the help of parties like https://lutjegeluk.nl/.

If you need a bike while yours is being repaired, we have a few on spare for guests and temporal usage at the office.

πŸ›« I need to fly

Hm, that’s a shame. We prefer going by train, even for long distances. Please check the

for more info.

πŸ›Œ Staying overnight (Hotel)

If you need to stay at a hotel or somewhere else, be aware you’re spending company money, and we want to spend money healthily.

The same goes for lunch, dinner ea. Common sense is your guideline.