Check-in @ the office-proxyclick

Good to have you in the office! yes, Check-in at the Proxyclick pole is mandatory. The pole is located at the entrance.

Whut, we have mandatory stuff? Yes, here is why: The home office allowance and commuting allowance are based on checking in. You do not have to do anything else, the colleagues from the payroll administration process the payment based on the check-in list. We want this to be fair and correct, and yes that will be checked from time to time (no joke), so no cheating!

Do we use the data for anything else?

  • Yes, if there is a Covid situation, we use the info to let people know they shared an office with somebody who might have spread or gotten it during a specific period. More info on this on the
    Corona / Covid 19 guideline
  • We use the data for access verification, because we need this for our ISO.

We won’t be using the data for anything else.