How to put in a declaration

When you buy something on your own account that should actually have been paid by the company (f.e. study budget stuff, birthday present for your colleague, etc.) you can put in a declaration. This is the way to do it.

Find the right form

You log in to

with your personal account (via the app is the easiest, so you can easily take a picture of the invoice convert to PDF (f.e. by LightPDF) and send it with the declaration). Then select your "declaration form" and after that "new declaration". There you can opt for travel costs or other declaration expenses.

Enter the info

After this selection, you enter the amount, a description and add a photo/file of the invoice/receipt. For travel costs, you can put in a print screen of the route that clearly shows how many kilometers it is. The announcement under the declaration will be: pending approval manager. The declarations will be checked and completed before every 15th of the month. When approved (it may be that additional information is requested), the payment of the declaration will take place with the salary payment. The amount can be found on your payslip.

The actual reimbursements

Every 15th of the month the declarations are checked and approved. This means that, for example, for the declaration period from 15 May to 14 June, will be included in the salary payment and the payslip of June. If a declaration is submitted on 16 June, it will be paid along with the salary payment of July.

A video to help you out

Here is an instruction video about installing the app and how to submit a declaration: https://support.nmbrs.nl/hc/nl/articles/205864488-Nmbrs-Mobile#topic_Video

Rules of the game

It must be clear what the purchased item has been for/ what the need for the company has been. So make sure that this becomes very clear from the description within the declaration form.

Also The (working conditions) Council have determined the following rules regarding declaration of costs of field service colleagues:

  • Coffee and lunches on the way: if it’s a business lunch you can declare the costs, if there is a personal component not. When Spys is open, field colleagues can declare their lunches on the go, when Spys is closed not.
  • If you get in the car to go to a customer, the right to working-from-home allowance lapses.

The big order sheet

If you declare a purchase it still needs to be recorded in the Big Order Sheet, but you do not have to send the invoice to the bookkeeping system.

Closing the books in time & VAT

Note: receipts and invoices submitted as declarations must not be older than one month. We can no longer process receipts/invoices that are older and therefore these cannot be paid out. Also, please only submit a declaration when you cannot get an invoice in the name of the company. As a company, we cannot reclaim the VAT on a declaration. This means that the purchase is 21% more expensive than if you can purchase it directly through a company account.