NMBRS (app)

After you receive your first salary, you can log into the employee portal NMBRS. You will receive an email on your private email address, which you can use to register.

You can also download a free app on your phone, both for iOS and Android. This is useful because this way you get a convenient overview of your leave entitlement, know when it’s your colleague’s birthday, have insight into your payslips and can apply for leave.

Here is the link: http://nmbrs.com/nl/mobile

The app shows your payslips, colleagues' birthdays and holidays and you can apply for different types of leave. Please be precise. Did you make a mistake? You can change your request as long as it is not approved.

For everyone who struggles with the Dutch language in Nmbrs, it can be changed into English, German or Swedish. The way to do this is: log in to your desktop account (not the app), go to the top right corner and click the mark next to the icon. Click on "gebruikersprofiel" and then "profiel aanpassen".

There are four main groups of leave in NMBRS. Unfortunately they are only available in Dutch. In the rest of this document we will refer to the English names. You can find the translation below. If it is not explicitly mentioned under which category a leave sort should be registered, it should be registered under Special Leave.

NMBRS categories


Vacation leave

Tijd voor tijd

Time for time

Bijzonder verlof

Special Leave


Study leave