Spending and purchasing

This page can only be edited by Finance. Roles that are involved in the purchasing process are Signature aka 'de krabbelaar'

Purchasing process

The goal of our spending and purchasing policies is to enable roles to be fully accountable for the work they do including spending.

The process creates clarity, openness, and autonomy for roles.

The short version of the policy is that you can

  • Spend up to € 5000,- if you feel it’s necessary
  • €5.000 to €25.000 by announcing and motivating it, including answering clarifying questions. Other roles can object to your spending.
  • Spend > € 25.000 by following the investment process.

Details on all of this are in the…

👮‍♀️Spending Policy

The administrative side

On which entity needs an invoice?

For clarity sake below how we you (and finance) is handling with it. To note: The information/rules below are not 100% black and white. Some areas could look grey. There can be exceptions because of fiscal rules, so not everything can be tackled with the following rules.

General costs (for everybody)

  • If its specific for an entity then the invoice should be on that entity. Marketing costs for Germany/Europe -> on Voys Europe.
  • Developer/tech stufff which was usually related to Spindle/VoIPGRID -> still Spindle/ VoIPGRID
  • Commercial stuff which was usually related to Voys/Voys One/etc. -> still the same
  • A subscription which is currently on an entity can still remain on that entity. Finance will distribute everything above 1k monthly.

Investment costs like cars, computers, desks, etc. (above 500 EUR) - this part is mostly for roles within Smooth Ops.

  • Everything that can be linked to a person must be linked to the parent-entity in question. So a laptop for Tom has to be on Voys United; a homework desk for Erik needs to be on Voys United; bicycle for Dick must be on Windshaft.
  • Anything NOT linked to a person we will put unto Windshaft. Finance will charge it to other entities if need be. Examples: a new table for the office, new chairs, etc..

External hiring

Hiring third parties must always go via the contractor role in legal. This is to avoid differences in expectations (that they are not accidentally employed).

WoopWoop, lets go buy stuff!

🏪How to buy stuff in a physical store🌐How to order stuff online

And the: “I already bought something myself and am looking for 💶Reimbursements

Additional (important) rules

In terms of amounts and types of order, common sense is the rule. When in doubt, you can always consult with a colleague and the Circle Link role with accountabilities for resources where pennies are one of them.

The only exception in budgets is buying a present for a colleague (f.e. birthday gifts, get-well presents, etc.). The maximum amount for a gift is € 25,- including VAT. Tegoedbonnen or gift cards are not allowed. For the rest, you can go totally wild in terms of creativity in choosing a gift.

And a last but not least point: If you do not submit the invoices correctly after making a purchase, when you have to be reminded time after time to deliver invoices or you keep forgetting to put the purchase in the orderdocument, it is "te vaak fout, you're out!” Finance has the right to withdraw your access to the Keyhub vaults to place orders and make purchases!! You will be denied access to the vault for the duration of 6 months. This sanction will also be reported to the role of @interventionist.