How to buy stuff in a physical store

You can find stores we 💚 in the 📗 Social & Sustainable purchasing policy.

  1. Ask Finance for the Rabobank debit card (and pincode) Ask Finance for the Rabobank debit card (and pincode)from the entity you are going to make the purchase for. The debit cards of Devhouse Spindle, Voipgrid, Voys, Voys One and Windshaft can be found in the pantry at Spindle in the small key safe on the wall right above the big safe. The code for the key safe can be requested from the finance colleagues. This code will be updated regularly so past successes are no guarantee for the future
  2. Tell finance which card you took Put a message in the slack channel #finance and mention which debit card you took
  3. Go shopping Find your stuff, pay for your stuff
  4. Get a decent invoice Pay with the card and get a decent invoice with the name of the company where the stuff is purchased for and a clear description of the stuff you just bought. Make sure to enter our vat code when buying International!
  5. Scan or photograph bill/invoice And send it as a PDF attachment to the bookkeeping program (the email addresses can be found under )
  6. Write it down Fill in the big order sheet
  7. Put the card back Put the debit card back in the key safe for the next colleague who wants to make a payment in a physical store
  8. Let finance know you put the card back Put a message in the slack channel #finance that the debit card has been returned