Spending Policy

Spending policy

0 to € 5000,-

For expenditures that are below € 5.000 euro lumpsum (at once)  or as an annual commitment, no reasonable time frame needs to be taken into account.

€5.000 to €25.000

For expenditures between € 5.000 and €25.000  lumpsum (at once) or as an annual commitment, article 2.1.3 of the Holacracy constitution comes in.

In short, announce from which role and circle you intend to spend money and give motivation in slack channel #spending.

Every role can object against an intended expenditure or investment. To facilitate clarity please motivate such an objection. You can also ask clarifying questions,

If no role objects within three working days go ahead. If someone escalates, the accountable Circle Lead facilitates a decision.

> €25.000

For expenditures of > €25.000 you need to present a business case. This needs to be validated by The investorgator and when approved presented to the accountable Circle Lead to evaluate the goal of the project which is supported by proper metrics.

The business case is usually a spreadsheet + a written one-page summary. The one-pager has a "Why", a "How" and a "What. Because of the resources the accountable Circle Lead also needs to approve the investment proposal.

Every investment proposal needs to be announced in slackchannel #investments. Every role within the org can object to a proposal, which has to be motivated. The investorgator and accountable Circle Lead will describe their findings and approval/disapproval of the business case and makes it public via #investments.

Only roles within the activity can spend money on that activity. Roles outside the activity need approval from the accountable Circle Lead.

All expenditures that can be done within the cash flow of the Activity do not need the approval of the above Circle Lead. Expenditures that can not be done within the own cash flow do need the approval of the Circle Lead above.

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