Investment proposals

Everybody in the organization can do suggestions to spend > € 25.000,- (one-off or as an annual commitment) if deemed necessary from one of your roles. This is the page explaining how this works.


For expenditures of > €25.000 you need to present a business case. If you need help in creating this business case The investorgator can help.

The business case describes the details of the investment, why it’s a smart thing to do and describes the return on the investment. You can use the database and find a default template for proposals there. When you are done you announce the proposal in the #investments slack channel.

Relevant roles can give feedback to the proposal, which you can either react to, or process in the proposal.

The Investment Council than process the proposal. The council test whether the investment proposal is the best way to spend our funds. They:

  • Makes decisions on big investments
  • Communicates and documents the outcome

Business case

For the investment proposal, you need to write a business case. This is mostly meant to explain to the organization where you want to spend the money on and how it adds value.

It should include:

  • What What is it you want to invest?
  • Why What is the purpose of the proposal?
  • Investment How much money are you intending to spend? Including multiple offers in your business case is mandatory. How much working hours are involved in the proposal? Use a rate of € 50,- per hour for internal hours in your proposal.
  • Return on investment Describe what the add it to the organisation and what the return will be on the investment.
  • Q&A This is where relevant roles in the org can ask clarifying questions about the proposal.
  • Paid by Suggestion for which internal legal entity is paying.
  • Role From which role are you submitting this.

The goal is to facilitate clarity to the org, so if you want to add other stuff in there that helps, please feel free to do so.

The business case and the details of the proposal can be directly entered in the database below. You can also find previous proposals which might help you out.

Take the following into account:

  • If the proposal is connected to employment benefits, the working council needs to process the proposal first before it goes to the investment council. They will then be the party submitting the proposal.
  • If there is a role that has a domain on an area the proposal touches, only that role can submit a proposal.
  • Personal budget falls outside of the investment proposal process.

Good to know:

  • If a proposal comes from one of the council members, then this member will be replaced by one of the investigators.


  • If I renew a contract from a previous investment proposal do I need to request a new investment? It’s up to the requester to determine if the investment was worth it. If the original request was for a lump sum amount no new request is needed.
  • If I have an existing contract becomes more expensive and reaches the € 25.000 threshold, do I need to write an investment proposal? Yes you do.
  • If I have multiple smaller payments as part of a bigger project which that become more expensive than the threshold do I need to write an investment proposal? Yes you do
  • Who determines which activity pays for the investments? You can make a suggestion, and the Finance role can help and has the final say.
  • How about M&A investments? They loosely follow the same process, but parties we talk to might struggle with our “Open by default” policy, and we need to remember, honour, and be aware of it.

Previous proposals

All proposals since 2020 are listed here.

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