Ending an employment contract and post employment

This page includes a legal topic, so we'll use the formal terms "employer and employee".

First off, no matter the reason, we are sad to see you go and proud of what you did here. Thanks for making Voys part of your life journey.

Technically there are several ways to end the employment contract between employer and employee. Below we mention the most common ones.

At the employee's request

Suppose you have found another job and you want to end your employment contract, then we speak of resignation at your own request. You can submit your resignation in written form to the Offboarding Coordinator.

End of an employment contract by law

There is a temporary contract, and it is not renewed by the employer.

Immediate termination of employment

The employment contract is immediately terminated by the employer. The employer has a good and urgent reason for this.

By mutual agreement

When employer and employee agree that there is no future within the organization, agreements about this can be documented in a termination agreement. This agreement states that the employment contract has been terminated by mutual consent, but on the initiative of the employer. In dutch it is called Vaststellingsovereenkomst (VSO).

After two years of absence

If an employee has not or is not fully reintegrated after two years of absence, an employer may request termination of the employment contract at the UWV.

Termination by the sub-district court

An employer can ask the subdistrict court to terminate the employment contract. A request for termination can be made at any time. The employer writes a request stating the reason(s) for the termination. There may be several reasons that by themselves are not enough grounds for dismissal but together are enough grounds for dismissal. The employee may submit a written defense to the request.


If you reach the pensionable age, your employment contract ends by operation of law. A formal letter will be sent 2 months in advance.

Do not forget to apply for your AOW at the UWV. You will also be informed about the possibilities through our pension plan.

When terminating an employment contract at the initiative of the employer, the statutory notice period must be taken into account. The statutory notice periods are set as follows:

  • Less than 5 years in employment: 1 month's notice;
  • 5 to 10 years in employment: 2 months' notice;
  • 10 to 15 years in employment: 3 months' notice;
  • 15 years or more in employment: 4 months' notice.

For the employee, the law stipulates a notice period of 1 month. In this regard, the length of employment does not play a role.

More information about ending an employment contract can be found on the following pages:




Practical matters

Company property (such as laptop, bike, key, access card, parking card etc.) needs to be handed back in, there will be a final invoice of the salary and holiday pay, outstanding or excess vacation days will be offset, and the pension fund will be informed.

In most cases, you can take over your keyboard, mouse and headphones by donating an amount to charity. Ask the hardware inventory manager for the rules. Depending on the age of the laptop, your laptop will either be repurposed for a (new) colleague, you can take it over for a fair amount, or it will be donated to charity.

There also will be an exit interview before you leave, so there will be nothing left unsaid. We wish you all the best!

Transition Allowance

If your temporary employment is not extended, or if you are fired, you are entitled to a transition allowance (transitievergoeding). The calculation is fairly complex, so that’s not for this page. You can always check the government's sites or this fact sheet.

From this amount, the employer deducts costs or expenses incurred for activities that contribute to the employee’s employability outside the organization. Think of your study budget that you used with the goal that it increases your chances of a job outside the organization and, for example, an outplacement program. If you have questions about the study budget please see the fine print on the 👩‍🎓Study budget page.