Study budget

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Personal study budget

Everyone has a personal budget. You can use €1500,- and 5 study days annually if you work full time. The study days are meant to be used when you can’t be at work while taking a test or following a course. Here is what you get within your employment contract:

  • The total amount of the study budget will be €1500,- based on a full-time contract per annum
  • You can save up your budget for a maximum of 2 years, so in total an amount of €3000,- based on a full-time contract. The budget from the previous year will be added to the total of the new year by the Study Stimulator. Note: this does not apply if you have a temporary contract. Does your contact become permanent? If you didn’t use your budget the previous year, you are eligible for this.
  • Saving up your budget doesn’t mean you should stand still and wait to have enough budget. Do you want to take a course or study? If your budget does not suffice, you can put in a special request with the study stimulator. This request should include:
    • Name of the study/course and total cost
    • Why this study? Does it correspond with your roles at this moment?
    • Are these new skills that you need to grow further in your career? (This can be within the organization or externally.)
    • Why now?
    • How are you going to fit this into your already existing day-to-day schedule?
    • Circle lead support - your circle lead will need to support you on this. This is because the circle lead has a future vision and knows if these new skills are beneficial for you and the organization.
    • You will have to sign a study agreement between you and the organization.
    • You will need to give regular updates to your colleagues regarding new things learned through the study/course
    • End presentation: Tell your colleagues: what is your experience with combining studying, work, and private life? What did you learn, and would you recommend this path and/or your specific study to others? And what will you be able to do with the new-found knowledge?

🎓 Your own budget

Want to know your own budget? Please check the relevant spreadsheet: Voys, One, Spindle

Note: if you have a temporary contract that officially ends during the year, the budget is filled in for the whole year, assuming your contract will be extended.

Purpose: Enlarging your subject-based knowledge or personal development

We encourage you to use your study budget to enlarge your subject-based knowledge and to develop yourself in a direction in which you are interested. You can also use your budget to develop yourself (personal development). For example, in coaching conversations.

So take this opportunity to go to The Next Web, PyGrunn, take a masterclass somewhere, or visit a congress. Learn something new every year!

Be wise, and ask yourself questions like: do I really need this? How can it be useful for the company? Is there another (less expensive) way to accomplish this? Can I visit a location closer to Groningen etc?

From idea to action

Do you have an idea but don’t exactly know what the next step is? Do you feel like your personal development is standing still, and do you want to spar? Let the Study Stimulator know and ask about the possibilities. Together with this role, you can see if it’s something just for you or if there are more people interested that could participate.

Sharing = multiplying

We think it’s cool if you share cool stuff so your colleagues can learn from it. For example, it would be really nice if you were to talk us up to speed during a pizza session, snacktech session or write a blog about it. Have you done a course/study we ask you to note this in the training database

The fine print

For ordering use the standard 💸Spending and purchasing

And please enter in the sheet what expense you incurred.

Leaving the company

Everybody has their yearly budget, and we assume you will be working at the company for the whole year. Should you leave earlier and have spent your entire budget, it will be settled according to the actual number of months you have been working when the last salary is paid.

Traveling expenses (incl hotel)

You can declare your traveling expenses the normal way. See 🚲Commuting for details. Other expenses like food and drinks aren’t covered by the study budget, and thus these cost can not be put in as an declaration.

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