Your first day at work and the period that follows

Seen the vacancy, applied, had a coffee, a day of training, signed the contract and here you are!

Welcome to Voys!

Your first day

The first day at Voys. Wow. Welcome! Excited, a little overwhelming? We fully understand that, so we’ll take it easy. You start by getting to know your colleagues and the way we work. You will soon notice that we are not a traditional company. That usually takes some getting used to for new colleagues.

Fortunately, you have this manual and Appical. Both contain a lot of information you can use to find your way around our organization. In addition the first week(s), our Kickstarters and Circle Onboarders will tell you step by step how our service and company works and the Holacracy Coaches will tell you more about our organizational model.

Your first month

Our knowledge base, described everything that you need to know. You can read about the systems we work with and how you can use them. Don't be alarmed by the amount of information you will be confronted with: we don't expect you to be able to do everything right away. Everything is Open and accessible by default because we develop open technology with an open mindset and share our knowledge freely. Open is one of our ❤️Our core values .

During and after working through Appical, try to extract a lot of information from your colleagues. You'll notice that they all enjoy telling you what they are doing 😊

You will soon start to pick up your 'own' work, whereby you watch many of your colleagues, and someone will regularly join you at your workplace. Before you know it, you have helped your first customer with a problem, written your first quotation, or pushed out your first bit of code. Use this first month to settle in and get to grips with the work. Your colleagues are here to help. Supportive is our second core value.

“Can I add to running projects?” Yes
“Can I use my best judgement to make the right decisions?” Yes
“Can I change the default way things are done?” Yes

You are likely to have studied for years in the area you are working in, and you likely have years of experience. If you feel stuff should be done differently, or if you feel you can add to a project or the organization, then make it so!

“But what if I make a mistake?” Well, you should make mistakes.

Six to twelve months later

After six to twelve months, you will feel that you are maximizing the things you do, the way you do them and the people you do them with. We work together as equals, making Equal our third and most fundamental core value.

You‘ll have experienced that you have both a lot of freedom and a lot of accountability. Together these empower you to get the most out of yourself.

You’ll have found that you are not working in an organization anymore, you are the organization.

You’ll have also noticed that stuff has changed. A lot. That’s because everybody is an entrepreneur in their role, which means that things keep Evolving. Our fourth and final core value.

Eventually, your journey will look something like this:

Just go with the flow, enjoy your time here and thanks for being here.

Next up:What does Voys actually do?