Workweek & lunch

If you work full time you work 40 hours a week. If you work part-time, you have a contract for a set number of hours. How you’re going to spend these hours is up to you. If you have shared roles with shared accountabilities you consult with your colleagues on what’s desirable.

You determine your own working hours, you decide for yourself whether you can take time off. Common sense is the keyword here. “If this were my business how would I want things to be arranged” is a nice question that can help. Just make sure you communicate well and transfer your roles when you are not there.

Clarity can be created in your Google calendar and make sure the 🔢NMBRS (app) is up to date and correct. The The Yes/ No list contains some of the dos and don’ts. The Time for time page can also help you out.


You have a break of no less than one hour at lunchtime. You get half an hour from Voys, and you take half an hour of your own time. A delicious lunch is provided every day. Oh and we don't cut back on your well-earned salary, this is a gift. In short, you can leave your lunch box at home when you work at the office.

In our large lunch and meeting room Spys, you will find an extensive salad bar between 11:45h and 13: 30h. You can choose from different vegetables, cheeses, sauces, etc. You can make it as crazy as you want and let the rabbit in you run free. Apart from the salad, you can also choose a sandwich or make your own toasted sandwich with the ingredients that are waiting for you. To stop your thirst, you can get juice or something else to drink from the refrigerator. Our culinary heroes make sure that hungry colleagues lack nothing. Every now and then we also serve something tasty from the oven.

Please note: you may have to wait in the queue during the 'peak moments'. A joined break is an ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues from other circles or just to have a nice chat! Because we want to be available to our customers at all times, we ask you to coordinate with your colleagues as to what time you will be having lunch.