Time for time

Any questions? Ask the Request for Leave Helpdesk.

Sometimes you will work some more, or you will leave a little early, and that is completely fine. You do not have to register it in the 🔢NMBRS (app) when you compensate it in the same week.

Are you unable to compensate in the same week? In that case, fill out a leave application through NMBRS, and use the group ‘time for time’. Please make sure to give a ‘reason’ in the proper field. This way, we can signal things. The goal is that you use your build-up time as soon as possible! We prefer in the same quarter of the year and before the end of the year. Is that impossible because of a valid reason, talk with Request for Leave role to see what is possible. It is not a strict rule, but it serves as a guideline to prevent building excessive Time for Time hours. That is why you should use your Time for Time hours first, before you use your vacation hours. You can use your vacation hours in the first half of the next year.

We don’t want you to build Time for Time structurally on your own behalf because that does not facilitate clarity.

If you structurally want to work more or less, talk with the Circle lead first since they are responsible for resources. If the Circle Lead agrees, you can ask the hiring coordinator role for a change. They can see whether the increase or decrease in hours is financially feasible. Finally, you will receive a new contract matching the right amount of hours.

You probably have heard of the term “flitsverlof” or “flashy leave”. Colleagues take a flashy because, for example, you overslept, the wind is good to go surfing, or your kid keeps you up at night. In these cases, you take your hours from the Time for Time. For completeness, it is impossible to have a negative Time for Time balance.

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