The Yes/ No list

We work to live, we don’t live to work. Voys does not have investors, or a board of directors, or managers. This gives us the freedom to experiment with what we do and how we do it.

We also don’t have an IPO or exit strategy. Steward Ownership is our goal. We feel society, the people we reach, and the customers we support are our accountability partners.

Our Yes an No list is a set of examples of how we look at the world and how this reflects in the day-to-day.

What do we do?

We take flash leave

Flash leave is a spontaneous day off. You want to spend a “margedag” with your kid? You’re stoked because the winds are great? Weather is great so you want to prolong your weekend?

Take the day!

Each quarter you get a 4x4 day which means you take 4 hours and you get 4 hours for these types of situations. Out of 4x4? Just take a regular day. You just have to make sure your colleagues have got you covered.

We set up our working hours freely

You decide when you want to work and in consultation with your colleagues and circle. There is a lot of freedom in many roles. So do you want to work from 11 to 19? Do your thing!

We work remote or hybrid

Remote or hybrid working is also no problem. Would you like to spend three months in our Cape Town office while working for Voys Netherlands? Do so! We currently have colleagues in 4 different time zones.

What do we not do?

We don’t do 4 x 9 hours

There is only so much you can do in a day. Don’t overwork yourself.

You're really productive for a maximum of 7h, and a little balance is healthy

We don’t work when you don't want to

Don’t force yourself to work after a too-short night's sleep - due to children or a pleasant evening. Take a flash leave and come to the office rested.

We don’t do overtime

If your contract says 32h, you get paid for 32h, so you work for 32h hours.

Sure there are exceptions. In case of enthusiasts or the rare situation where your roles require you to do stuff outside of office hours. Rare is the keyword here.

In both cases: compensate for it by taking time off.

Again: We work to live, we don’t live to work.

For more see Time for time

We don’t do bonuses

The science says that bonuses are bad for people and bad for the organization. We want neither.

We do:

  • An honest, transparent benchmarked salary that compensates you for the actual hours you work.
  • Incredible working conditions, including a beautiful office, healthy lunch, a bike from work, and a great pension plan, just to name a few.
  • A safe environment where people feel the space to be themselves.
  • Freedom & Autonomy in a fully self-managed organization.
  • Mastery; a place to develop yourself.
  • Purpose; from the purpose of the org to open code and our 1% connectivity tax.
  • Great culture & awesome people to work with.
  • Cool work for nice customers.

Take a vacation day when you are sick

When you're sick, you call in sick. Don't take a vacation day. Don't take time for time. Lay on the 🛋️ and watch 📺 is all you have to do today. For more check out 🌡️Sick leave.

Use an out-of-office assistant

Our CRM gives you the option to transfer your inbox to colleagues who can monitor it during your holiday. First, your inbox will be rather empty when you get back, which gives you a better start during your first workday.

Second, it’s far more friendly for customers that email you, because they will always be helped on time ❤️

So now that you know how we look at work, some 1️⃣Final things to get you started at Voys.