Employment contract

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An employment contract (arbeidscontract) is an agreement between an employee and an employer, containing working arrangements. It contains the rights and duties of the employer and employee.

At Voys, we work with a yearly contract, followed by a permanent contract. So this means 1 fixed-term contract and then a permanent contract. We apply this to everyone. After 6 months during your first contract we have a contract check-in. Which basically means we check-in with the colleagues to check how everything is going. In a worst-case scenario, there may be doubt during the first year, which could lead to a deviation from granting a permanent contract. In such a case, an improvement process will be initiated to clarify how we intend to address this doubt together.

We cannot continually extend temporary contracts. Legally, an employee must receive a permanent contract after 3 consecutive temporary contracts, or after temporary contracts over a period of 3 years.

The contract extender

The role contract extender keeps an eye on when a temporary contract expires and ensures that the relevant colleague knows in time whether his or her contract will be extended or not. This process starts when there is a temporary employment contract. During your career with us, you will experience this process at least three times.

First contract and extension

After signing your first employment contract for the period of 1 year, you will learn a lot, work more and more independently, and you will make our organization a little better every day.

Our onboarding process is aimed at supporting you as much as possible in this, so you have a flying start at Voys! After 6 months and towards the end of your contract, two decisions need to be made:

  • Will the employment contract be extended? (towards the end)
  • Is the expected position in the compensation model applicable? Read more about 🆕Plotting new colleagues (after approx. 6 months)

Contract renewal process

During this process, it is decided whether the colleague receives an extension of his or her employment contract. The process consists of two parts which eventually lead to an outcome. Please read more about the contract renewal process on the 📝Contract renewal process page.

Requesting a change

Would you like to work more, or less structurally? You can adjust your contract hours once a year, at your own request. In that case, you can coordinate this with the Circle Lead(s) of the circle(s) in which you play a role, since they are accountable for resources. And then the @hirer role to look at changing your contract. The contract extender needs to be informed to make sure that you are getting the right contract. Your contract hours need to represent the reality and the minimum is 24 hours a week.

Together we will always look at the available possibilities to work the hours that are requested by you.

Ending a contract

This is the page where you can read more on 🤝Ending an employment contract and post employment.