Subcircle findings

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Where are we in the process?
  • Introduction
  • Check-in
Subcircle Findings (Optional)
  • Projects Evaluation
  • Results against One-year goals, Key Initiatives & Metrics
  • Projects Brainstorm
  • Circle & Personal Reflections
  • Celebration
  • Summary for the super circle (Optional)
  • Check-out & Aftercare


Can be presented in 5 minutes per circle

Important Reflections on progress towards GCC / Supercircle Goals / Initiatives / Key Metrics
List any important reflections on Progress towards goals/initiatives/ metrics of the supercircle. Please Keep insights limited to outliers. You’re also free to add notes to this page: 🎯[Evaluation] One Year Goals, 📊 Metrics & ✈️ Key Initiatives review
What projects do we need as a circle (where we might need input from other circles?) or What do we need as a GCC? We suggest to take on the following projects that would help the GCC or that will require considerable effort from another circle / other circles: -


<You can add links to some place in Notion or an evaluation document , if you like to>

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🦖Projects Evaluation