[24E01] <Circle> Outlook meeting notes (NewTemplate)

[24E01] <Circle> Outlook meeting notes (NewTemplate)

For every outlook session, make a copy of this template and as the secretary to fill it in throughout the session. Do not also write down the outcomes (those go onto the one page strategic plan) but also the considerations that led to a decision, other ideas that didn’t make it (they might be great inspiration for the next session). It will help with answering the question “Why did we decide that?” in three months.


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Ref: Evaluation Ref: OPSP

Date: @January 16, 2024

Attended by (role/ energizer)



  1. Introduction & Check-in round
  2. 👀 Looking around, Super circle perspective &
    Product Roadmap
    Product Roadmap
  3. 1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook
    1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook
  4. New Projects for the upcoming episode
    New Projects for the upcoming episode
Optional project descriptions
  1. Celebrations
  2. Check-out & Aftercare
facilitator instructions
  1. Create Jamboard
  2. ⚠️
    Facilitator preparation : Make a copy of the Jamboard template (link below)before using it
    use “make a copy”, and Move to correct place
  3. Accommodate the super circle perspective:
    • Add lower circles’ Outlook result to the Looking around, Supercircle perspective section
    • any tables? —> change the filter
    • Make sure it is current, if not change the template
  4. Add page link to index
  5. 💡
    Please add a link or mention of this to this index of all Outlooks Evaluations

Purpose of the circle

Our purpose is: .

1. Introduction & Check-in Round


If you want to capture this meeting : PRESS RECORD!!!
Objectives of this meeting

The Circle Lead is responsible for the circle having a strategy. In an Outlook session, circle members can give input. Depending on the need, in an Outlook session we review:

  • What is happing around us (e.g. supercircle outlook)
  • Why we exist, where we want to go and if our goals/metrics and key thrusts are still in line with that
  • What we’ll do next episode


Trust good intention all the time


Sometimes it is worth it to build on

fledgling ideas and allow them to grow

without challenging them too

prematurely. Respect ideas, issues,



It's okay if you don’t have an answer to

questions right away. Questions can be

deposed for the meantime in the

questions to be answered canvas.

Check-in Round


To land in the here and now:

  • Please call out anything that is distracting you (Physical or psychological);
  • Say what role you are representing

2. Looking around

Supercircle perspective

The Circle Lead will show the outcome of the super circle outlook

GCC circle 3 Year Goals / Key Thrusts (ref.)
  1. A mediahouse with an internationally scalable cost effective marketing strategy
  2. A strong experienced (distributed) workforce where the right people have the right roles.
  3. A great integrated system for self development including feedback
  4. A scalable & maintainable service platform and method of building it
  5. A product that stands out as a relation product instead of a communication product.
  6. We are one organization under one commercial brand
GCC circle 1 Year Goals (ref.)
GCC 2023 One Year Goals
1. Self-development, career development, team development, and feedback are an integrated part of the Voys Model
2. Our growth is abroad a. we know how to define/measure success there b. we know how Voys Partners are a part of that c. we standardize the pathway where speed and scalability are the main drivers d. we keep tuning our (international) marketing and continuously experiment, to maximize the impact of our content and marketing efforts
3. We increase our system value, and this is reflected in our metrics, behavior and external communication
4. We become a product organization that is outfitted for change and speed
5. We keep adding customer value 1. improving the customer journey 2. we excel in supporting bigger customer projects 3. tiered advice 4. proactive support
GCC circle Outlook

GCC: Slack Message, and the outlook

GCC Selected Projects for the next episode

(Optional) Relevant changes in the outside world

It’s possible that there are changes in the world that potentially impact our strategy. This is the moment to share them.

(Optional) Current issues

It’s possible that there are observations or major issues that needs to be resolved in the short or medium term because they are keeping us from achieving our goals. This is the moment to share them.

Add others if applicable


Check if the roadmap has impact for the coming episode if there is no impact, that’s just fine.

Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

3. One Year Goals & Metrics

1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook
1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook

4. New Projects in the upcoming episode

New Projects for the upcoming episode
New Projects for the upcoming episode
Optional: Project descriptions

Project descriptions

Project descriptions and realism checks are optional.

You can also limit yourself to just adding some context (why & why now, line-of-sight) & skip defining, outcomes and metrics in this session

Project descriptions
Project descriptions

Realism check

Realism check
Realism check

5. Celebarations


6. Aftercare

The results of this session are now written down. Now it’s important it’s being used. That’s why the following actions are advised:

  1. Projects should be worked out one level deeper. This can be done in a separate session
  2. CL to create Strategic Canvas / OPSP (base template here)
  3. The Secretary puts the Outlook Pages and/or strategic canvas in the right folder in Notion / Glassfrog.
  4. The Circle Lead makes sure that all plans and metrics are visible on dashboards, for use in tactical
  5. Alignment: If your circle has a subcircle, share the outcomes with the subcircle's Circle Leads so they can use it for their Outlook.

Closing round

Each person can share a closing reflection about the meeting. No discussion allowed.

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