Reassessment (and policy)

What if you want to change your position in the matrix?

You can!

The TL;DR is that you need to make a well-substantiated request for reassessment to the Value Advisor, gather (at least) five colleagues that can deeply evaluate your work, plus the Circle Lead(s) of the circle(s) you’re involved in. They will answer some pre-determined questions about your work, and then a decision will be made whether your request for reassessment is honoured or not.

If you want to change pathways, there is a slightly longer and more careful process, because those changes need to fit within the personnel planning. The Value Advisor role is facilitating this process. If this leads to a change in salary, that will of course be the domain of the Contract Extender.

The Job Coach can help you with all career-related coaching questions.

The Request for Change Policy

I want to change my place in the Compensation Model, what do I do?

When there are substantial changes in your work and/or your experience, you get a chance to request a re-assessment of your position in the compensation model. You can do this maximum of once per 18 months, but keep in mind that you usually spend a few years in each position before moving on to the next and, at some point, have reached your full potential. Before you make the request, think about the specific examples in the work that you are currently doing (and have been doing for at least the past months) that illustrate your new position. The request for a re-assessment needs to be well reasoned and documented with specific examples of work that you do that fit the position that you think you ought to have. Your request must also show a logical progression, so you can’t skip levels.

For information about the levels and profiles, read the level and profile descriptions.

Of course, it is perfectly fine to use feedback from colleagues as part of your motivation for your change request, but you can only make a request for yourself. This is because you are in charge of your career. While it can be flattering to have colleagues request a promotion on your behalf, you should make that decision and hence, the request.

We hire colleagues with a specific level & profile in mind, which is confirmed (or not) by their peers around the time of their first contract extension (typically after 6 months). It is, therefore not possible to submit a request before your first contract extension+3 months or within the first 9 months of your employment, whichever comes first.

Before you submit a change request, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have been employed for more than 9 months at Voys, or it has been at least 3 months since your first contract extension (whichever comes first)
  • Your last change request was at least 18 months ago
  • The request you want to submit shows logical progression, meaning your new position will be in the same pay grade or one pay grade higher than your current one

Starting date

The Value Advisors need time to process the request, and this normally takes several weeks. If for any reason (such as vacations or illness of the assessors) the time required is more than usual, the applicant will not be inconvenienced. So the same processing time applies to each requester. A complete request (if all criteria are met) will become active on the first of the month after the next month, regardless of when the session took place.

For example: if you submit your request sometime in March (the exact date does not matter) and the session has a positive result, the changes in the salary scale or step will take effect on May 1st.

Level or profile change?

There are two different procedures, depending on whether you want to change your level or profile.

Your situation:

LEVEL CHANGE procedure
  • You want to change from junior to medior level, from medior to core, or from core to master within the same profile →Use the level change process.
PROFILE (pathway) CHANGE procedure
  • You want to change profiles, for example, from allrounder to specialist or specialist to professional →Use the profile change process.