How to start: ideas for your written ‘request for reassessment’

How to start: ideas for your written ‘request for reassessment’

Alright, you're about to dive into why you think you're performing at a different level or pathway. And where do you start? It can be hard sometimes. But don't let that hold you back. Here are some ideas to get you going.

There are no rules or restrictions. You can write as much or as little as you like and structure it however you prefer. This support document is designed to help you reflect on the past period, and it also serves to refresh the 🧠 memory of your assessors. It’s a way to remind yourself (and them) of everything you've been involved with—what projects you contributed to, what your role was, and what impact you had.

Take a look at the pages that explain the pathways and levels, and then list some specific examples from your recent work, like projects, roles, or cases. You can also draw from other sources. Your Glassfrog role overview and your reflection report from last year are good references. Use whatever helps you gather your thoughts and capture the highlights of your contributions.

Try to be detailed—describe what you did, who initiated the work, your influence on the outcome, and what the results or impact were. This level of detail helps the assessors remember what you've been working on and helps them evaluate your performance.

We understand that for some people sharing your accomplishments might feel like bragging. However, please remember that you don't need to give yourself overly glowing compliments. Simply providing a clear description of your work and its impact is sufficient. And of course, we do want you to be proud of your work!

Let’s go!

If you want to use this template, please make a copy of (parts of) this page and make it your own. Please do not enter anything below, on this page, thank you!

My Current Profile Plotting (Pathway and Level)
I Have Had This Plotting Since This Date
This is My Desired Pathway and Level
Assessor 1
Assessor 2
Assessor 3
Assessor 4
Intake Date with a value advisor
Date All Complete (intake+substantiation doc) and submitted to the Value Advisor

Again, you don't have to answer everything (please don’t!). Pick what is most relevant for your situation. This list just gives you an idea of what you could include in your own document.

Impact Overview for Voys

Impact on Voys' Purpose and My Circle(s):

  • Describe the impact your work has had on fulfilling Voys' purpose and how it has influenced your specific circles.
  • Explain how your work has benefited the team, project, or organization.
  • Share any measurable outcomes, such as increased efficiency, revenue, or customer satisfaction.

Recent Relevant (Role) Changes:

  • Highlight any significant role changes or adjustments you’ve experienced recently.

Primary Role Execution:

  • Explain how you fulfill your primary role, detailing key responsibilities and achievements.
  • Describe the tasks and projects you’ve worked on.
  • Mention specific achievements and results.
  • Highlight any challenges you overcame and solutions you implemented.

Projects/Topics I’ve Worked On:

  • List the main projects or topics you are currently working on or have worked on in the past.
  • Describe what you have delivered, the choices you made, and the considerations behind those decisions.
  • Mention any challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

Learnings/Failures and How I Handled Them:

  • Reflect on your biggest learnings and failures.
  • Describe how you managed and learned from these experiences.

What I’m Most Proud Of:

  • Highlight the achievements you are most proud of.

Collaborations with other Roles and People:

  • Mention the roles and people you have collaborated with and how these collaborations were effective.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of your teammates where applicable.
  • Describe how you worked together to achieve common goals.

Important Things Others Should Know About Me:

  • Share any additional information that is important for others to know about you.

Alignment with Holacracy and Organizational Values:

  • Explain how you work in line with holacracy and the organizational core values, providing specific examples.

Personal Development and Knowledge Growth:

  • Reflect on any skills or knowledge you’ve gained.
  • Mention any feedback you’ve received and how it has helped you improve.
  • Describe how you are developing yourself and expanding your knowledge and skills.

Future Goals:

  • Share your aspirations and how you plan to continue contributing to the team's or company’s success.