Circles are constantly changing groups of roles working towards a shared purpose. The term is part of the operating system we use to run our organization: Holacracy. The fact that circles change makes it hard to write something about the Circles itself without it being out of date before you've typed it. Make sure to check GlassFrog for the current state of affairs! Still, it is nice to have some idea of what circles are and why they exist, so we give it a try.

A number of important circles


Having a safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where people can thrive.


All customer-related activities in all countries, including major circles such as: Advice, for the advice process and Customer Happiness for the support process. It also includes Partners Unite(d) which supports our 200+ business partners.


Deals with tools, processes, and frameworks for self-management and a valuable career ♥️


Everything with the financial process and insight on the pennies to support the organization.

The Agency

Sharing our stories with the world.

Product Development

Develop open communication solutions that connect people.

Social Impact

Which includes

  • our foundation that helps to facilitate equality through fair access to connectivity.
  • Our open-source activities
  • Our (educational) community events and
  • The Planeteers who have the purpose of making our company circular


Everything about the companies’ operations, from Security to Legal to Spys, our lunch environment, and event space.

In conclusion

These are only 8 of the over 30 circles we have. The structure is constantly evolving. What we try to do is:

  1. Capturing our actual work
  2. Carrying this out as effectively as possible
  3. within the framework of our reason for being.

Now that you know a little more about how we are structured it’s time to learn more about our do’s and don’t The Yes/ No list

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