We use a huge set of digitale tools (more than 130 and counting) which are documented in the . The most commonly used once and the reasons for using them are described here.


📲 Voys

We either use the webphone (https://webphone.voys.nl/) or the Alpha version of the iOS or Android app.

#️⃣ Slack

Used for internal messaging (IM). Makes sure we don't email each other ;) Can be found on joinuson.slack.com.

Slack also has the Huddle options which is often used for one on one audio or video conversations.

🤳 Google Meet

Our favorite tool voor video meetings: https://meet.google.com/

Another option is our jitsi instance which can be found at https://jitsi.voipgrid.nl/

Security & network

🔐 Keyhub is our password manager. You can find more on setting it up here .

Personal growth

🌿Grow (Feedback tool)💗Friday Pulse (Happiness and culture)

Organizational clarity

📚 The oracle The oracle is the place for our knowledge. It is built in Notion found on https://www.notion.so/theoracle/.

📄 Drive en the Google Suite

For documents, spreadsheets and presentations we use Drive. All files are put in shared folders by default.

I you put Google on your smartphone 2fa should be on.

🐸Glassfrog (org structure)

The tool makes our holacratic structure transparent.

Smartphone usage

We don’t expect you to be available all the time. We don’t expect you to respond straight away to every message. So… disable all notifications, please. And consider not installing apps like Slack of Gmail in the first place.

There is a reason we do ⏱️Asynchronous work and calm is one of them.