Friday Pulse (Happiness and culture)

In Friday Pulse, we measure how happy we are on a weekly basis and periodically do a survey across multiple axes to see where we can still grow as an entire organization. This is what we call a Culture Profile

You can find the dashboard on https://app.fridaypulse.com/spindle-and-voys/dashboard

Why we measure happiness at work

See the 🍏Occupational health and safety policy.

Signing up

When you join our organization as a colleague, make sure you get your Friday Pulse account activated. The Happiness Hero role can help you with that. You'll need to let them know which email address you use for Slack (so the Slack-Friday Pulse integration works), which team you are part of, and which gender you identify with (options in Friday Pulse are male, female and non-binary. You can also leave this empty if you prefer).

Once your account is created, Friday Pulse will do the onboarding and you'll automatically be invited to fill in the weekly survey and quarterly culture profiles.

Seeing the data

You can always see your own results (and you are the only one who can see those) and the aggregated results of the team you belong to. If you need access to other team results, let the Happiness Hero know because they can either assign you to a different user type that allows you to see more, or can share specific results with you. The weekly open questions and the celebrations, thank-yous, frustrations and ideas are public for everyone.

No one is ever able to see your individual results, except for yourself. The admins don't have access to personal results either. When answering questions in Friday Pulse, each question indicates whether you are answering publicly or anonymously.

The happiness ambassador

Every team in Friday Pulse has a Happiness Ambassador (this is a role that lives in the People circle). They can help you interpret your team’s results and get the conversation going about your team’s happiness and identifying what can be done to improve it.

It’s up to your team to choose a Happiness Ambassador! One way to do this is to elect someone. Then just mention who should represent the team to the Circle Lead of the People circle and they’ll assign the Ambassador role to that colleague.

Interpreting the data

Feel free to click around in Friday Pulse to compare your (teams') data. Friday itself offers lots of information about how to interpret the data, how to interpret the questions, and most of all: how to take action if you want to improve them. Their help section is extensive and should be able to answer most of your questions. If you want to take a deeper look, feel free to ask the Happiness Hero. They can help you to put your results in context and, if there's anything you want to change, come up with a plan to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 1-5 scale mean? How do I score my happiness?

There is no objective measure for such a subjective subject as happiness, and there is no objective way to determine whether you should answer with a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. People usually have a ‘baseline’ happiness and it is okay if that baseline for one person is set at a 3, and for someone else at a 5 (most people’s baseline hovers around a 4).