Reflection & ambition cycle

At Voys you have a lot of freedom in shaping your own career, and making optimal use of your talents and skills. It is up to you, with help from others, to discover what you’re good at and explore your talents. The company happily facilitates this, but you’ll take ownership over your own development and growth. After all, who knows better than you what your ambitions are, where you can grow, and how to get there?

Ambition plans

Create your ambition plan

This is how we roll:

  • make an ambition plan for this year and
  • share your ambitions within your circle.
  • evaluate (and adjust) your ambitions mid-year, or however often you deem necessary
  • reflect on the year, in December-> make a reflection plan
  • set a new ambition plan in January
  • etcetera. Round and round we go!

Make an ambition plan where you determine your focus, ambition, your added value to the organization, and the actions to support these. What do you want to do, achieve, learn and contribute next year? Which opportunities are there in your current role(s)? Which other opportunities are there? Who are you going to ask for feedback on your goals?

Inspiration for your ambition plans can be found in the purpose of your circle(s), short-term strategies, outlooks, study budget, personal ambitions, etc. The questions in this document can help you here too.

  • Create (write, film, compose, anything!) your ambition plan for the rest of the year
  • Save it on your 😊 Personal pages.

Every colleague writes an annual ambition plan, no matter how long you've been working with us. We also ask new colleagues to create one, the deadline is within 3 months after you started. Discuss this ambition plan with your circle, your Circle Onboarder, and your Buddy.

Share your ambition plans with your circle(s)

Make sure that each circle member has shared their ambition plan with the circle, and discuss these at the beginning of the year. Halfway through the year (June/July) there will be another moment to evaluate and adjust. By sharing your ambitions you might discover opportunities for your ambitions and the impact they can make on the circle and the organization.

Ambition plan for 2023



You have thought about which roles and projects fit your strengths and you have been plotted in our compensation-model after your first six months. You have also made an ambition plan where you determined your focus, ambition, your added value to the organization and the actions to support these. Throughout the year you have gotten input and feedback from colleagues during talks, baarda-sessions, tactical- and governance meetings, the presentation on your ambition plan etc. This should give you enough information to reflect on your plans and goals for the current year.

Reflections on 2022

Reflection as a habit

Self- reflection is one of the most important skills you can train & develop. For yourself, as a person, but also as a professional skill. Maybe even more so in our self-organizing organization, where you are responsible for your own professional development.

Reflection is not something you only do at the end of the year, but something you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. However, this is easy to forget about with all the daily hustle ‘n bustle going on in our already busy lives!

📒 Reflection Journal


Need some help?

You are responsible for your own personal and professional development, but that doesn’t mean there are no resources to help you! There are several roles you can ask for help for both your reflection on the past year as with improving things in the year to come. If you would like help from a coach, plan this with them. What you can expect from them is:

  • asking questions
  • answering questions
  • help identifying next steps
  • help identifying what you need to move forward

These are the roles you can ask for help:

  • Holacracy Coach; A holacracy powered organization through a continuously developing holacracy practice
  • Feedback booster; A feedback driven organisation
  • Job Coach; Facilitating employees so they can get the most out of themselves
  • Value Advisor; An organisation that is rewarded according to the Voys Value model
  • Work organiser coach; Every colleague is in control of his work
  • Happiness Hero; Happy colleagues
  • Reset Button; To be a listening ear for colleagues who are contemplating to reinvent their career
  • Rolefit Coach; The best role fit for al the people
  • TMA expert; Getting the most out of TMA (talent management analysis)
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