Project descriptions


The new projects table will show the project chosen by the Leadlink. Based on these projects you can go ahead and add a new project to the real Projects database!

In this database there is a Project [template] which you can use. This template contains the below questions you need 👍.

Where are we in the process?
  • Introduction & Check-in round
  • Looking around, Supercircle perspective
  • 🎯 One Year Goals, 📊 Metrics & ✈️ Key Initiatives review
  • 🌟 New Projects for the upcoming episode
📃 Project Descriptions
  • 🦄 Realism Check
  • 🤡 Theme & 🥳 Celebration
  • Summary for the super circle (Optional)
  • Check-out & Aftercare
  • Why this project?
  • Why now?
  • Can you make a bulleted list to clarify the expectations of the project?

Note from experience with this template: a Jamboard worked far better. Advice to paste a link in here and use jamboard.

Chosen Projects to define

<just copy the project titels from the jamboard>

Project assignment

Have projects been assigned to a role?