Realism check


Just add your name in the Person table and answer the three questions below.

Where are we in the process?
  • Introduction & Check-in round
  • Looking around, Supercircle perspective
  • 🎯 One Year Goals, 📊 Metrics & ✈️ Key Initiatives review
  • 🌟 New Projects for the upcoming episode
  • 📃 Project Descriptions
🦄 Realism Check
  • 🤡 Theme & 🥳 Celebration
  • Summary for the super circle (Optional)
  • Check-out & Aftercare

How realistic does this Episode look?

Are the projects and metrics listed realistic?

Are we going to get this done in the four months that are available and do you have enough resources for it?

Realism check

Realism checkPersonHow realisticDone in 4 months?