New Projects for the upcoming episode

Where are we in the process?
  • Introduction & Check-in round
  • Looking around, Supercircle perspective
  • 🎯 One Year Goals, 📊 Metrics & ✈️ Key Initiatives review
🌟 New Projects for the upcoming episode
  • 📃 Project Descriptions
  • 🦄 Realism Check
  • 🤡 Theme & 🥳 Celebration
  • Summary for the super circle (Optional)
  • Check-out & Aftercare

🌟 New Projects for next 4 months


Project Brainstorm for projects for the next episode. Time to come up with some projects of our own!

  • Before starting the brainstorm (works best on a jamboard), you can review suggested projects from the evaluation, unfinished projects from the last step and 1 & 3 year goals
  • After doing the brainstorm, the LeadLink selects the projects that will be worked out in detail in the next step. You can add these projects to the New Projects database at the bottom of this page. Just click on new to add a new card.

What did we learn in the Evaluation?

facilitator preparation:
  • copy suggested projects from evaluation to the jamboard
  • add a link to the project section of the Evaluation, and if useful, paste the learnings from the Eval in the box below
  • adjust the filters 'Next Episode' and possibly 'input required from circle' for the suggested projects linked database
Important take away during this session was: -

Inherited projects

Inherited Projects have been originating from the super circle (Configured via the visible on field)

🚧 Unfinished Projects

First we take a look at any unfinished Projects

Are there any projects from last episode that are not finished and still relevant for this episode?

Suggested projects

Suggested projects could have originated from other circles evaluations, or from your own circles evaluation

What are the most important projects we want to accomplish in the next four months?

<don't forget to add inherited projects>

<We learned that coining projects & selection by the Circle Lead works far better in a jamboard. Thus 1. Create a jamboard, 2. paste the link in here & 3. copy the select project titles in the table below >