[24E01] <Circle> Outlook  meeting notes

[24E01] <Circle> Outlook meeting notes

For every outlook session, make a copy of this template and as the secretary to fill it in throughout the session. Do not also write down the outcomes (those go onto the one page strategic plan) but also the considerations that led to a decision, other ideas that didn’t make it (they might be great inspiration for the next session). It will help with answering the question “Why did we decide that?” in three months.



Links for reference

Date: @February 1, 2024

Attended by (role/ energizer)




facilitator instructions

Purpose of the circle

Our purpose is: .

1. Introduction & Check-in Round


Objectives of this meeting

Check-in Round


2. Starting point

To have an aligned strategy it is important to know the starting point we set together in the 3-Year strategy. This is where your own goals & projects should fit.

Note that in the Outlook Process Year Goals and Project sections, you will be asked to link the goals and projects to one of the overarching goals (3Yr)

Company perspective

The Circle Lead will show the outcome of the company / super circle outlook.

Main Metric

  • Endusers
    • Goal: 500k end-users by the end of 2026, over 100.000 customers

Company prioritisation (Synced block - do not modify)

Company 3 Year Goals / Key Thrusts (ref.)

Company 3 Year Goals / Key Thrusts (Synced block - do not modify)

GCC circle 1 Year Goals (Synced block, do not modify)

(Optional) Relevant changes in the outside world
(Optional) Current issues
Add others if applicable

3. One Year Goals & Metrics

1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook

4. New Projects in the upcoming episode

New Projects for the upcoming episode New Projects for the upcoming episode
  • Optional:
  • Project descriptions

    Project descriptions and realism checks are optional.

    You can also limit yourself to just adding some context (why & why now, line-of-sight) & skip defining, outcomes and metrics in this session

    Project descriptionsProject descriptions

    Realism check

    Realism checkRealism check

5. Celebarations


6. Aftercare

Closing round

Each person can share a closing reflection about the meeting. No discussion allowed.

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