New Projects for the upcoming episode

New Projects for the upcoming episode

🌟 New Projects


What did we learn in the Evaluation?

facilitator preparation:
Important take away during this session was: -

Inherited projects

🚧 Unfinished Projects

Suggested projects

What are the most important projects we want to accomplish?

<just copy the project titles from the jamboard>

<<Change the filters: accommodate to your circle (‘visible on’) & correct episode>>

<don't forget to add inherited projects>

<We learned that coining projects & selection by the Circle Lead works far better in a jamboard. Thus 1. Create a jamboard, 2. paste the link in here & 3. copy the select project titles in the table below >

Next up (optional):

Project descriptionsProject descriptions

Project descriptions and realism checks are optional.

You can also limit yourself to just adding some context (why & why now, line-of-sight) & skip defining, outcomes and metrics in this session