Office guidelines

Hi there, we’re glad you're here. Welcome to Voys HQ!

To work together happily and joyfully in our office, we have the following office guidelines. These guidelines are not set in stone. Do you have an idea or a suggestion to make it even better? Nice👌! Please let us (@Office-designer role) know. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation. Also, check this page for the door policy
Check-in pole To register that you are present at the office, please check yourself in via the check-in pole at the entrance of our HQ and/or the entrance side entrance. Do you have a guest? Don’t forget to ask your visitors to check in as well. Why check in? Read more about this here.
Lockers We use lockers for storing personal items and (technical) gear. You can find the lockers when you enter our HQ via the front door. How to use the lockers can be found here.
Coats Hang your coat on a coat rack or in an old army locker in Spys. We’d love to keep the office neat so everyone can work there comfortably. You can find coat racks in different places in the office.
Flex office - clean desk policy You are free to sit at a desk of your choice in our office. If you have an issue at your workstation, feel free to contact the @workplace-assistant. If necessary, you can have your own chair. Make sure the chair is marked with your name on it. There are stickers available to mark them. Is your job done for today? Clean up your desk before you leave. Take your personal and technical belongings with you or store them in a locker.
Zones and quiet working Different types of work and people are melding together in one office. The office has an open layout and vibe. Please give each other space and think carefully about the noise you make. If you are having informal conversations, walk to the pantry, for example.
Meeting rooms There are 4 meeting rooms in the office. Reserve the meeting room of your choice via Google Calendar by making an appointment. Even if you jump on a spontaneous conversation with a bunch of people, please book the room via Google Calendar or on the spot via Joan. You can find Joan in front of the meeting room. Sitting in a room that has been booked by someone else? Please give them space and leave (and book the room next time 😉). Meeting cancelled at the last minute? Remember to remove the meeting room reservation (via Joan or Google Calendar), so the room can be used by others. The meeting rooms are primarily meant for face-to-face meetings with multiple people. Don’t use the meeting rooms as your private phone booth for virtual meetings. If absolutely necessary, the same booking rules apply. Are all the rooms taken? Feel free to use Spys for conversations and/or meetings. You can also book a meeting room at Het Kwadraat. You can get a key for this at the reception.
WiFi Feel free to use the corporate “Voys” WiFi network for you laptop. Credentials can be found in the Keyhub in the “Voys NL Algemeen” vault. Each workplace is equipped with a dock that is connected to the corporate network via Gigabit Ethernet. Guests can use the “Voys - Guest” WiFi network, credentials are again in the “Voys NL Algemeen” Keyhub vault. Mobile phones, game devices or other network devices should preferably use this network as well.
Online meetings by default vs. Google Meet unit

Our meetings are online by default. That’s our ground rule. When all participants who want to join your meeting (e.g., Governance + Tactical) are at the office, you could, of course, jump into a meeting room together. If someone’s working from home, we strive for equality and inclusivity, so please join the meeting online. Another option is to make arrangements with your team to use the Google Meet units in our meeting rooms. You can find them in the Big, Medium and Small Meeting Room. This is an option when some people are working from another location, like home, and are okay with joining the meeting on the big screen via the Google Meet unit. Note that this must be a fair consultation together, that everybody feels okay with having this type of hybrid meeting, and that people do not feel pressured or left out. When meeting in this hybrid setting, pay extra attention to providing your remote working colleagues with a good experience too. Using Google Meet Units is easy as long as you reserve the room through Google Calendar:

  • Remote users can join by clicking the link in the invite.
  • People in the room can start the meeting by clicking the meeting displayed on the Google Meet Units.
Confidential | individual calls We recommend having private calls at home but understand that that is not always practical. The meeting rooms are primarily meant for face-to-face meetings with multiple people. If you have a private call, first try to use the phone booth in the office or the phone call booth in the hallway of Het Kwadraat. If you need to use a meeting room, don’t forget to book it.
How to best meet online? We recommend the Jabra over-ear headphones. They have active noise canceling and an adjustable microphone. Want to know more or get a pair? Ask the @Hardware-inventory-manager Use the mute button as much as you can. Especially when you are calling from a location where multiple people are working. You can use the ‘space bar’ to mute/unmute easily (or the shortcut CTRL+D).
Gaming You can find our exciting game room in Spys. Please leave all the technical parts of it (Nintendo, Playstation, etc) in Spys. During lunch, feel free to use the Ping Pong table in the office. Because of the noise, it is better to use the Ping Pong tables in the hallway of Het Kwadraat during the rest of the day.
Recharge, retreat, relax, gaming, and coffee dates.

We have some couches in SPYS that can be used if you feel the need to walk away from the office and workplaces, want to relax, drink a coffee with a colleague in another setting, or play games. The @caterer will be going to close the curtain until 11.30 and after 13.30 o’clock. This way, the couches are more separated, and the kitchen sound will be less.

Lights and Lord of Lights

There are two different lights in the office. 1. The lights high above the ceiling. These lights can be switched on and off next to the main entrance. 2. Lights above the workplaces. These lights are connected in zones and can only adjust the brightness with the DaliPro Control. You will find the zones in Keyhub by searching for Dali. These zones mean you can not change the lights of your workplace, only of the complete zone. The role Lord of Light can help by adjusting the lights.

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