Working from home allowance

The allowance it part of the
Corona / Covid 19 guideline
and temporary arrangement.

This is temporary in nature and is not a fixed component of salary. It is an allowance for facilitating the facilities of a home workplace that are not covered by the Working Conditions Act, such as internet and energy costs.

It is therefore not a fixed component of income and is not pensionable, does not continue to be paid in the event of illness, and does not apply during standby- and breakdown shifts.

Everyone who is employed will receive a home-work allowance for the days when home-working is actually involved. On office days or on-the-road days, the home-work allowance will lapse, and the commuting allowance will apply.

Registration takes place by using the

pole at the entrance. Registration on this pole is mandatory. You do not have to do anything else, the colleagues from the payroll administration process the payment based on the check-in list.

The fee consists of:

  • Net € 30 per month internet fee regardless of your contract hours
  • Net € 3 per day home working allowance in proportion to contract hours