Working from home allowance

Home working allowance per day

Everyone will receive a homework allowance so that expenses incurred when working from home are compensated. The allowance is in line with the guidelines of the tax authorities, which apply a targeted exemption of € 2.15 per day you work from home.

All colleagues therefore receive a fixed amount per month (untaxed) based on 214 working days per year on a full-time basis. This number of days takes into account holidays and short-term absence. This means that the standard allowance is € 38.34 on a full-time basis. Any travel days will be deducted from this allowance. (€2.15 per travel day) Taking birth leave and/or parental leave, among others, will affect the part-time percentage and therefore also the amount of the allowance.

Registration takes place by using the

pole at the entrance. Registration on this pole is mandatory. You do not have to do anything else, the colleagues from the payroll administration process the payment based on the check-in list.

Internet allowance

Besides a home working allowance per day, everyone also receives an allowance for internet access. This is because it is important and necessary that all colleagues always have the possibility to work at home and, of course, this requires good Internet. Everyone therefore receives an untaxed allowance of €48 per month. This allowance applies to all colleagues, so in this case it doesn't matter whether you work 40 hours or 24 hours, or if you happen to have worked in the office for almost an entire month.

Only when you are absent for an extended period due to leave or illness should the internet allowance be stopped, as there are no reimbursable expenses at that time.

(The amount of the allowance is submitted to the tax authorities, so it may still be revised)