Outage service

Some of our colleagues are part of the team that staffs the Outage service (bereikbaarheidsdienst/storingsdienst) outside of business hours. For this, we have an allowance that is based on the intensity of the work.

Allowance Voys

The standby duty allowance is € 2,08,- gross per hour. This comes to 255,84 euros per week that you work this duty (123 hours x2,08). Write everything down on the sheet provided by finance. Compensation is then automatically settled with the colleague who actually worked the standby shift.

The allowance on a Dutch National Holiday is 4,16 Euros per hour. And the time for time regulation is also 200%. So if you work 2 hours, you can write down 4 hours.

Allowance VoIPGRID

When you are available for disturbances in the role of OWH dude, you will receive a gross compensation of €1.82 per hour (with a max of 123 hours). Again if you document it in the sheet provided by finance, compensation is automatically settled the next month.

The financial compensation on a Dutch national holiday is €3.64 per hour. An overview of the Dutch national holidays can be found here


Time for time

When you answer the phone, you may write down 1 hour of time for time. If the work takes >1 hour, you write 2 hours, >2 hours, you write 3 hours, etc. You may always round up by 1 hour. Make a note of this in your own