We work on our (international) growth engine

(@Joris Beltman, @Bart Jonk)

  • Why this project?

Growth is dependent on front of organisation & we want to grow: through internationalisation & our own marketing engine.

Everything is allowed here (resources wise). This is crucial for the entire org.

  • Why now?

The growth of our growth declined for the first time since the beginning of our company. We want to keep on growing and remain financially healthy. We can’t grow that fast anymore in the Netherlands, but there is still more to gain here. That is why we need to fully focus on both national and international growth in this in this episode.

  • Can you make a bulleted list to clarify the expectations of the project?
    • The zero touch sales pipeline (My.Voys.Connect) is finished (Spindle)
    • One website (solid tech/design system) -> help from Spindle needed
      • We have finished a design system for our website framework that we can use for all entities, preferably with Spindle help (backend, frontend and design / knowledge)
    • Solid performance marketing:
      • Attribution model → Gaining insights in our customer and visitors behaviour: where do they come from, what channels convert/perform best, where do we find the best customers (Agency → Performance circle)
      • Lifetime Value Model -> help from Data needed
        • Revenues from Netsuite available for analysis
    • Keep experimenting -> Merging the Voys DE circle with the agency so more resources are working on the International experiments
    • Measurable experiments → Make experimenting and BML’ing (Build-Measure-Learning) an embraced way of working.