We know what a merge of Spindle, VoIPGRID and Voys looks like


In 2020 we decided we would be more effective as one organisation instead of 3 different brands, so we opted to become a single brand in the long term; one strong international single brand. With the growth of Spindle, VoIPGRID and Voys this has become far more relevant for the internal organisation as well; it starts to get in the way; marketing, sales (direct and indirect), finance, people, operations and development only work well as a whole.

At the end of 2021 we had a second vision conversation of why Spindle and Voys are stronger together. Now it’s time to investigate where this story leads and where VoIPGRID fits in.

Why now

We want more clarity around 'the story we tell' vs what we practice. In practice the organisation is run as a communication company, with its own sales, support, marketing, finance, people, operations and development team. The more international the organisation becomes, the more relevant it becomes to act and communicate like one.


  • A follow-up to the vision conversation is planned
  • We know the intent
  • We know the impact (internal and external)
  • We know if we want to be guided professionally via an external who is experienced in making it a success.
  • The ideal outcome is formulated
  • There is a communication plan
  • There is a clear timeline; who, what when, how
  • Identify the differences to be bridged and the advantages to be gained (small and large, now and in the future).