Voys telephony sponsoring

In addition to sponsoring organizations with financial contributions, we can also support NGO’s through our product. This either means organizations use our services free of charge or at a discount.

From start to finish:

  1. A possible telephony sponsorship customer contacts us, you can direct them to the sponsor supervisor role;
  2. If this role determines that the customer is a good fit with our sponsorship goals, they direct them to the sponsor connector role in Voys so they can explain to the customer what the options are and the costs involved;
  3. Most of the time we will sponsor the monthly costs but not the variable calling costs. Depending on the specific needs and wishes of the customer we can decide to either sponsor all the entire amount or part of the monthly costs;
  4. The sponsor supervisor will draft an email to specify the agreement (e.g. the amount sponsored per month and the fact that calling costs will be billed separately);
  5. The sponsor connector will make sure the customer is connected and makes a note/ticket in Hubspot and Freedom about the specifics of the sponsor agreement;
  6. Sponsoring is settled as a discount in the bookkeeping, this way the customer receives either an invoice for either 0 euro or for any additional costs they have incurred;
  7. The sponsor supervisor and sponsor connector do a quarterly invoice check to see if there are no anomalies;
  8. The sponsor supervisor does a yearly revision of all sponsorship agreements (both financial and telephony) and updates finance and the sponsor connector of any changes.

All sponsorship contributions (both financial and telephony) can be found here: