Town hall and Ask Us Anything

Several times a year we host a Townhall and we often supplement that with an Ask Us Anything (AUA).

Traditionally, a town hall is an opportunity for everyone in the organization to ask questions of the leadership team. Well, we don't have a leadership team but we do have a lot of people who are entrepreneurs in their roles and show leadership in that.

The idea of a Townhall meeting is that we get together to announce plans for the entire company. Stuff like "where we are all going", big projects we have been working on or a new part of our Vision. A kind of pizza session XL. Examples include new products we are building, an update on our international expansion or our strategy for the upcoming three years.

These sessions are recorded on video so that everyone revisits the session later.

Want to organize a town hall? The Townhall Meeting Organizer can help.

Last townhalls


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