Alarm system (Voys office)

At Voys in the office we have an alarm system. This alarm system can be switched on with an alarm tag, this is a different tag than the access tag. The person who enters the office first turns the alarm off and the person who leaves the office last turns the alarm on. The alarm tag is located next to the entrance door on the inside of the office.

How it works

Switching On.

Make sure no one is walking around the office. In addition, the door to the storage room/storage room should be closed. Next, hold the alarm tag on the right side of the alarm box, you will now see that the alarm system will now turn on. You now have 30 seconds to leave the office.


If you enter the office first you will hear the alarm system beep. Disabling the alarm is done by holding your tag in front of the right side of the alarm box. The alarm will now turn off.

The alarm will go off

You can disable the alarm by holding your tag in front of the alarm box. The alarm will also be received by the alarm center, you need to declare the false alarm here as well. You do this by calling 0205693000 and giving the codes that are in Keyhub. Make sure you do not mention the letters PA, as this stands for Personal Alarm. If the alarm center receives these letters they will immediately send police to the office. The letters PA should only be mentioned if you want immediate police response (threats, hostage-taking, etc).

If the alarm goes off when something is wrong then the alarm centre (G4S) will call +31502115440 and then +31502115441. If the people behind the numbers can't go by then Cruon will pay a visit to the office to see what's going on.

The tags

If you find it necessary to have a tag yourself you can pick it up from the gatekeeper.

The app

With the alarm system comes an app. It is called Advisor Advanced Pro by UTC Fire & Security B.V. Netherlands. With the app you can turn the alarm system on and off. In Keyhub (security safe) you will find the serial of the alarm system. In addition, the user needs a pin code on the alarm system, which can be set on the alarm panel. With the app it is possible to turn inputs on/off if there is a failure with a sensor for example. In addition, you can see the events.


There is also a portal of G4S, here you can see things. Login is in Keyhub (security vault)