Alarm system (Spindle office)

Getting an Alarm tag

If you need an alarm tag they are now in the part of the Big Safe everyone can access (Spindle Misc vault in Keyhub). If you pick one please let the Alarmer role know. We know which numbers are in the safe and will periodically block all numbers that are missing from the safe and nobody reported to that role so please do report it when you claim one.

Accidental Alarm

In the case you don't have a tag to disable the alarm and it went off you can call a number to call off the people who stop by (this will NOT disable the alarm, just the followup).

Details about this can be found here in keyhub Spindle Misc vault: `Alarmcentrale pas Spindle - Algemeen` There is a 'passcode' and 'pincode' which you will need both. If you ever get in a situation where you are threatened by someone to disable the alarm you can append `PA` (Panic Alert or Paniek Alarm) to the 'passcode' and they will send the police instead of the security company.

Rules of the alarm

The alarm goes off between 19 and 7 mon-fri and the whole day on saturday and sunday someone from the security company will come by to check it out. On other times we ourselves will be called.