1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook

1-Year Goals & Metrics Outlook

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In the Outlook, we look at the One Year Goals & Metrics again to get a feeling of how we are progressing, and to possibly modify them.

In the evaluation, the One Year Goals, Projects & Metrics have been reviewed as well, and maybe we learned that something needs to be changed.

Key Initiatives

NB. in earlier version of this process we also used to have key initiatives. Stuff you could start doing to reach the year goals. In general, these can now be defined as projects. In rare cases, that doesn’t fit (e.g. when you want to start a new team behaviour). In these cases , we suggest you just define them!

@ Circle Lead, can you update us about what is discussed during the evaluation?

@ SubCircle Leads, can you bring forward anything from the sub-circle perspective?

One Year Goals


One year goals


Let’s start with the Why. Why do we want these goals? What is the story behind them? What problem are we trying to solve? Write this down. And connect this to our existing long term strategy.


Make the goals smart: Specific, Measurable, Attainable but ambitious, Relevant, and Time-bound (one year).


There should be one role in the lead and accountable for a goal. You inherit the company goals, either to lead or to support. If goals really don’t fit your circle, make your own goal (singular).

Which roles do we need

Which roles or circle might be needed to achieve this goal.

Possible challenges

What might make the goal difficult to reach. Write them down, so we don’t lose sight of there while breaking goals down into projects.

2do: Where should we improve

In monitoring the goals and making this visible. (Company meeting checklist item, dashboard, All hands?).


  • Do we formulate them as an outcome?
  • Sanity check: does this touch the org enough in it’s broadest sense.

Examples of good goals

Where do you want to be at the end of the year?

  • You inherit the 1-Year organization goals.
  • You can add one circle specific year goal, if needed
  • Make sure your circle-specific Year Goal contributes to the company: link it to company goals and or goals of the higher circle. Add this relation to the line-of-sight table below.
Ref: GCC 2024 goals
GCC 2023 One Year Goals
1. Self-development, career development, team development, and feedback are an integrated part of the Voys Model
2. Our growth is abroad a. we know how to define/measure success there b. we know how Voys Partners are a part of that c. we standardize the pathway where speed and scalability are the main drivers d. we keep tuning our (international) marketing and continuously experiment, to maximize the impact of our content and marketing efforts
3. We increase our system value, and this is reflected in our metrics, behavior and external communication
4. We become a product organization that is outfitted for change and speed
5. We keep adding customer value 1. improving the customer journey 2. we excel in supporting bigger customer projects 3. tiered advice 4. proactive support
Why (problem we want to solve)
<<Circle>> 2024 One Year Goals (Inherited)
Connection to Strategy
Primary Accountability
Support required from
Known Challenges

Circle Goal

Link the Circle goal to a Company goal (or or supercircle goal)

The ‘Type of goal’ can be one of :

  • 3 Year Goal, 1 Year Goal, Key Thrust
Two Examples:
Agency 2022 One Year Goals
Contributing to goal(s)
Contributing to Type of goal
How is the circle goal contributing?
We have one website framework for the Voys brands
(GCC) Scalable International Marketing Strategy
GCC 2022 Initiative
We need to merge the current websites into one framework in order to scale and make changes faster
GCC 2022 One Year Goals
Contributing to goal(s)
Contributing to Type of goal
How is the circle goal contributing?
(GCC) Scalable International Marketing Strategy
(GCC) A mediahouse with an internationally scalable cost effective marketing strategy
GCC 3 Year Goal
Having a strategy is an essential step for reaching our 3 year goal of being a Mediahouse
<<Circle>> 2024 One Year Goal (Specific to circle)
Contributing to goal(s)
Contributing to Type of goal
How is the circle goal contributing?

The following is true about 1 Year Goal:

  • In the first Outlook of the year, you start with a blank sheet, the subsequent outlook you just see if changes are required
  • One Year Goals can be found by dreaming where you want to be / stand at the end of the year.
  • One Year Goals should be defined SMART.

From the evaluation:

Important take away during this session was: -

Are the One year goals SMART?

Do we need to update our one-year goals?


Metrics should help us to reach our higher goals, fulfil our purpose, and maximise our critical number (end users)

In the Outlook we look at the metrics again to get a feeling of how we are progressing. In the evaluation, you have looked at the metrics as well and maybe learned that something needs to be changed.

In case you want to translate Output metrics to input metrics, you can ask help from the Data Circle.

Where do we want to be at the end of the year in terms of numbers?

The Circle Lead reflects

For sub circle’s and representatives: What can you share from your circle?

What are the organisation metrics that we are responsible for?

Ref: GCC Metrics

  • You inherit the 1-Year organisation metrics that belong to the organisation goals.
Company Metric
Target value
Actual value

What are our own metrics?

Circle Metric
Target value
Actual value

What did we learn in the Evaluation?

Copy findings from evaluation

Important take away during this session was: -

Are we missing any metric?

Discussion. Notes.

Company Metrics

ref: here

GCC Meetings

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Updates (episode 2,3,4)

Are the used goals, metrics and initiatives still the best ones?

Discussion. Notes.

Do we need to update our goals, metrics and initiatives goals?

Discussion. Notes.

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