One-Year Goals & Metrics review

One-Year Goals & Metrics review

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This page is made up out of toggles. Each toggle you can open and will contain two questions. Underneath these two questions you can type the answers to it

This is a good moment to get the 1 Year Goals back on everyone's radar, because we tend to forget them during our day-to-day work. Get a feeling on how you are progressing towards the end-of-year goals (NOTE: Not all circles have defined metrics as goals, which is totally fine. In that case get clarity on the metrics themselves and a temperature check on how we feel about them), and what progress you are making towards your key initiatives.

facilitator instruction

When preparing this meeting, find the circles on year goals (previous outlook), key initiatives and metrics, and paste them in the tables below

One-Year Goals

Where do you want to be at the end of the year?

<<Circle>> 2022 One-Year Goals
How do the results relate to the one-year goals?
Are we still working towards the one year goal
Key Initiaves

NB. in earlier version of this process we also used to have key initiatives. Stuff you could start doing to reach the year goals. In general, these can now be defined as projects. In rare cases, that doesn’t fit (e.g. when you want to start a new team behaviour). In these cases , we suggest you just define them!


If your circle is responsible for maintaining any metrics of the super circle, you can list these actual values here, otherwise delete:

Metric of super circle
Target value
Actual value

Circle Metrics

Circle Metrics are metrics you want to track as a circle, e.g. to see if you’re on track to reaching your year goals or project results. Suggest you cross-check the projects you just defined to see if any new metrics should be considered.

Circle Metric
Target value
Actual value


Were you so successful that you can stretch the one-year goals a bit further? Or do you need to make them less ambitious?