[23E1] Project evaluation log (New template) WORK IN PROGRESS

[23E1] Project evaluation log (New template) WORK IN PROGRESS

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Date: @July 2, 2023

Attended by (role/ energizer)

Rep Link
facilitator instructions
Facilitator preparation : Make a copy of the Jamboard template before using it


Purpose of the circle (Raison d’être):

Theme of episode:

<fill in purpose of the circle>

<fill in Theme of the episode>

Introduction & Check-in

If you want to capture this meeting : PRESS RECORD!!!
Please add a link or mention of this to this index of all Outlooks Evaluations
Objectives of this meeting

Reflection on the last episode. How did we do?

  1. Get clarity on how we, as a team (and individuals) did during the last episode
  2. Identify improvements for the next episode
  3. Surface information valuable for the supercircles prioritization, or
  4. 👉Gather information for the Circle Lead



Trust good intention all the time


Sometimes it is worth it to build on

fledgling ideas and allow them to grow

without challenging them too

prematurely. Respect ideas, issues,



It's okay if you don’t have an answer to

questions right away. Questions can be

deposed for the meantime in the

questions to be answered canvas.


The usual check-in round. Let anything that doesn't belong in this meeting go. Which roles are you representing here? Also, check in with yourself about this episode and keep that in mind for the meeting: What contributions did you make? Which colleagues deserve a shoutout for their work? What could have been done better?

Subcircle findings & Summary of Project Evaluations

Subcircle findings & Summary of Project Evaluations
Subcircle findings & Summary of Project Evaluations

Results against One-year goals & Metrics

One-Year Goals & Metrics review
One-Year Goals & Metrics review

Circle & Personal reflections

 Personal & Circle Reflections
Personal & Circle Reflections

New episode: Projects

Projects brainstorm
Projects brainstorm


What did the circle decide to do last Outlook? Are the results good enough for a big celebration, or should the celebration be a bit smaller?

Summary for the Supercircle (as presented by the Circle Lead)

Summary for the Super Circle
Summary for the Super Circle


/ Secretary shares notes of session with the circle

/ Circle lead provide context for suggested projects for other circles

/ Circle lead prepares output for the supercircle:


  • Did this evaluation raise any tensions that need to be processed in a tactical/governance meeting? Write them down and bring them up in the next meeting!
  • Resulting from this evaluation, is there anything that needs to be brought to the outlook session for the next episode? (for example, if the season goals need to be adjusted)

Closing round

Each person can share a closing reflection about the meeting. No discussion.