Project Collaboration requests
Project Collaboration requests

Project Collaboration requests

Instructions for this page

This page contains 2 questions.

Need to experiment with the form, maybe it's better to start with a jamboard, and not to directly fill in the linked database.

The goal of Question 1 is to surface tensions living within the circle that require (significant) efforts from other circles. These chunks of work can possibly help in selecting new projects for those circles in the outlook process. This question also helps in making sure this information reaches the super circles before the outlook. For this question, we follow the usual procedure whereby the circle rep chooses the three most important suggestions from the input to bring to the super circle.

Note: the evaluation process can be used to stand back and suggest activities for other circles, but is by no means the only process that can be used to surface these tensions. Circles are always empowered to ask help from other circles at any time .

The answers to Question 2 are meant to transcend looking just at the circle under evaluation and to use the creativity in the organization and 'Antennas' of the organization. The answers will be collected in a database directly, to prevent them from being filtered by passing through several circles.

facilitator instruction

1) Preferably use a jamboard (template here, make sure to use a copy)

3) use the One Year Goals and possibly some learnings from the previous section of the evaluation as backdrop for the slide

4) add a filter for episode & source circle in the table below

In the meeting:

5) Add any suggestions to the table at the bottom of the page

After the meeting:

Circle lead to prove a bit of context to the suggested projects

Link to Jamboard <<to be added in preparation>>


Two reasons:

🤗 Collaboration

Evaluation sessions are planned before the Outlooks sessions. In the evaluation sessions, we thus want to surface project ideas that require collaboration with other circles or the super circle. This input can be used in the Outlooks of these circles.

🧠 Together we know more

We want to utilize the creativity and input of everybody. Together we know and sense more than any single person possibly could. And thus, the wisdom of the crowd is invaluable to determine the best next steps (strategy) to accomplish our ambitions (mission/vision).

To be answered

1) What projects do we need as a circle (where we might need considerable input from other circles)?

List these projects and include those as suggestions during the evaluation presentation in the super circle.

2) Looking at the (super circle, company) year goals and/or purpose: which projects would most benefit the organisation?

Purpose GCC:

Giving people an equal voice

2023 year goals
  1. Self-development, career development, team development, and feedback are an integrated part of the Voys Model
  2. Our growth is abroad
    1. we know how to define/measure success there
    2. we know how Voys Partners are a part of that
    3. we standardize the pathway where speed and scalability are the main drivers
    4. we keep tuning our (international) marketing and continuously experiment, to maximize the impact of our content and marketing efforts
  3. We increase our system value, and this is reflected in our metrics, behavior, and external communication
  4. We become a product organization that is outfitted for change and speed
  5. We keep adding customer value
    1. improving the customer journey
    2. we excel in supporting bigger customer projects
    3. tiered advice
    4. proactive support

The projects listed in this table will be used in the Outlook. A bit of context can be added after this meeting. This will help the `receiving circle' to understand what’s asked and why

<<Change the filters: accommodate to your circle (‘visible on’) & correct episode>>