Question from @Ritske van Ravels: Can Smart Routing and User Availability (Voys Reach and Voys Pulse) work together? I think this is an interesting avenue to explore, if Smart Routing isn’t looking at User Availability already.

Question @Maarten Frölich: will you rename the offline status perhaps? People being offline sounds maybe a bit odd?

Suggestion Maarten F.: show internal number for missed calls, that way you’ll increase the calling back to users.

@Judith Zwetsloot: If further steps need to be taken in the area of telephone book use/abuse, Legal is happy to help!

Antoine: Infra intern is currently doing a project which may help with Number Lookup

Suggestion @Mark Vletter: Use a new color for “available for colleagues only” (”like ‘Skype’ blue!”), and add tooltips for user statuses

Suggestion by unknown: Add ability to search in voipgrid by phone number

Suggestion by @Ronald Stokebrook: Have contactbook integrate with existing CRMs.

Suggestion by @Ron van de Graaf: Suggest making a contact after a call, if they are unknown

@Anne Daalman: Consider e-mailing clients that still use websocket service before shutting it down

Suggestion by Anne: when call forwarding is selected, show phone number

Question by unknown: Can InfoBelPro also provide international numbers?

@Luuk Hartsema and @Arjen Vellinga: Combine e-mail and phone for contact info. Example: When someone calls, and then sends and email with phone number, then combine in the contact.

Arjen: Save contact when you’re being called, and save contact when you’re being e-mailed, and then suggest to merge these contacts (like Google Contacts does)

Arjen: Use AI instead of rule-based parsing for mass importing contacts

Luuk: Consider hiding "where do you want to receive calls?" when you’re DnD or offline.

@Ben Hoetmer: Show user explanation when trying to select call forwarding for the first time, to say why call forwarding can only be selected by itself Ben: Add presets for availability and other settings (like voicemail settings). E.g. a "working from home" preset would set availability to certain devices. In addition, automate setting these presets based on conditions, e.g. using GPS, or time scheduling.

Suggestion from Luuk: Temporarily set availability with timers. E.g. set DnD for 10 minutes, then switch back to previous status.

For Multiple Ringing devices: Take a look at Xelion. They have this feature in their app already.

A “desk phone” is not always a desk phone. It can also be a hand set, and maybe even an MS Teams integration?