Hup hup, standup

It's good to take a look at each other from time to time. That's why we've been holding a stand-up for years.

In it you tell:

  • What you have done and what the outcome is
  • What you have encountered
  • What you are still going to do

A 'nothing special' can also be a good answer, if you have simply been working hard and nothing spectacular has happened.

Rules of the standup are:

  • We start punctually at 12:45 every Tuesday and Thursday, even if we are not quite complete.
  • It lasts 15 minutes or less.
  • Open door: we stand during stand-up.
  • Clients/partners/students and all other interested parties are welcome (and somewhat expected to join).

Some circles keep each other updated on the other days during their own stand-up or day start.

Stand-ups will take place online, unless everyone happens to be at the office.