48. Your Black Belt

This page is part of the Holacracy Habits series.

Congratulations! You have completed the Habit Support Program. Was it helpful? Was it pointless?

In many martial arts, the black belt signifies the beginning of the student’s journey, not the end. The black belt means that you’ve got the basic moves; the mechanics. And that's what you have now. Your graduation from this program is your Holacracy black belt. Of course, this belt is purely metaphorical, so it's your behavior that will communicate to others, “Watch out. I’m good at this stuff.”

These habits are the foundational moves. Holacracy is a practice, and like any kind of practice, it’s something we get better at over time. This also means that we are never perfect. We just keep improving.

Remember, the point is to try things out. Learn from your practice. And when things get difficult, remember your training; go back to the basic moves. If you forget something, go back and reread. The lessons are here to help you. Again, these are the foundational moves — they can (and should) be used over and over.

We know it’s hard to get used to a new way of working. At first, it may feel weird, even annoying, to have to consciously check your organizations governance records to see who is accountable for what. It may feel strange and even scary to make a decision without first making sure that everyone is okay with it.

But the good news is that you’re not alone. Everyone in your organization is working toward the same goal: To get good enough at Holacracy that it fades into the background.

At the beginning of this habit program, we told you that Holacracy isn’t a silver bullet to your problems, and that the goal of this program isn't to learn about Holacracy, but to get so good at practicing it that you’ll rarely think about it. Hopefully, that is already starting to happen.

Before we go, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the program. The survey should only take a minute or two, and your feedback is critical for us to evolve the program. So, please give us your feedback!