47. Additional Resources

This page is part of the Holacracy Habits series.

Well, you made it. This is the last lesson of the last habit. To finish off the Educate Yourself habit, let’s go over some additional resources. You won’t use these resources regularly, but when you need them you’ll really need them. Consider them last minute additions to your utility belt.

But before you skip ahead, two things. First, there's no expectation you’ll use all of these. Everyone is different and different resources appeal to different people. Second, even though this is the last lesson of the last habit, we have one final wrap-up message to conclude the program as a whole.

Need a way to handle performance reviews or compensation de-coupled from Circle Leads? The Holacracy "App Store" can help. If Holacracy is like a computer’s operating system, then governance is like software (i.e. "Apps"). Holacracy-powered organizations all over the world can use the App Store to share solutions. Here are some examples:

Live trainings are a great way to deepen your skills and connect with others in the ecosystem. You can trust that you’ll get the best experience and information because everything is delivered by certified experts. And if you’ve been to a training, consider encouraging a colleague to attend. Trainings are offered in English, Dutch, German, and French. If you want to be notified about new trainings (and other relevant announcements) sign up and Like here:

Ever tried explaining Holacracy? Well, if you've ever wished you didn't have to, try sending a link to the Holacracy Whitepaper instead. It's an approachable, concise, and illustrated magazine-style paper that covers the basics with the broadest possible audience in mind. Of course, people usually have even more questions after learning a little bit, but hopefully, they'll be more interesting questions.

Every organization is a unique snowflake and sometimes you need some one-on-one attention. If your organization is dealing with something particularly sticky, try a coaching session with a Certified Coach. Think of how much time you could save yourself (or the expensive time of having several people try to figure it out), versus just scheduling an hour phone call. If interested, send an email to

hello@holacracyone.com and get set up.

Even if you completely ignore the resources listed here, if you do nothing else from this lesson, remember (and bookmark) the three most important ones:

As we mentioned at the start, this is the last lesson of the last habit, but you'll be getting one final wrap-up message and a survey. That'll be the official end of the program. Until then, take some time and browse around, you may be surprised by what you find.