44. Habit #12: Educate Yourself

This page is part of the Holacracy Habits series.

Good news and bad news. The good news is you’ve completed 11 habits and 44 different lessons and that’s a ton of stuff.

The bad news is that the program will end soon and while you've come a long way, there is a little more to go. Before we talk about what happens after this program ends, there is one more habit to practice: Educate Yourself.

Do you know why the Circle Lead is not an elected role? Or how to improve an accountability starting with, “Ensuring...” or "Collaborating with...?"*

Well, if you didn't you will. Because questions like these aren't new. The Holacracy community is bursting with resources and knowing where to find an answer is almost as good as having the answer itself.

*And if you want to know why the Circle Lead isn’t elected read this. If you want to learn how to improve accountabilities read this.

Now, the best source of information is often people you trust. Social learning is important. But, when it comes to Holacracy, the absolute best source of information is whatever you've discovered or experienced for yourself. Finding your own answers is what this habit is all about.

It's called, "packing your own parachute." And while this program exposed some core elements, having a map to guide you will help. Here are our “Big Three” resources (the Constitution, Community of Practice, and the Holacracy blog).

Three Key Holacracy Resources

The Holacracy Constitution. "Can you resign from a role whenever you want?" Get the answer in section 1.4.1 of the Holacracy Constitution. Remember, Holacracy IS the Constitution, so knowing where to find the rules is kinda important.

The Community of Practice. "Can a policy demand action?" Read this thread on the Holacracy Community of Practice (CoP) to find out. The Holacracy CoP is especially important because you can ask specific questions and get a variety of answers. There’s no tolerance for bullsh*t and it’s completely free to join.

The Holacracy Blog. "What challenges are others experiencing in their organizations?" Find out from living and breathing humans on the Holacracy Collection on Medium. Make sure to click, “Follow” because the most important things are the things you don’t know you don’t know.

Answers are everywhere. Chances are you're surrounded by people with some strong opinions about Holacracy and how to use it. We hope you are because Holacracy isn't for robots. It requires human skepticism and curiosity.

Too often our curiosity stops as soon as we hear an authoritative-sounding answer. So, if you have a Holacracy question ask your co-workers. Ask a Circle Lead or a Facilitator. But don't assume they're correct or make someone else responsible for your education. Including us.