0. Welcome to the Holacracy Habits

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Welcome to Holacracy Habits!

Habits are patterned behaviors we don’t have to think about. It’s like autopilot. But when you’re learning something new, everything can seem so overwhelming. This is especially true for Holacracy. So, each week you’ll have a single habit to focus on, like “Be a Ferrari” (more on that later). You’ll get emails every few days to introduce or reinforce a habit. That’s it. Simple, right!?

Well, of course we know that simple doesn’t mean easy. Learning and practicing Holacracy is a discipline. It's a big change. And it can be really hard. Better to invest the effort in trying to use it how it is meant to be used. We're here to help you understand how to use Holacracy as a tool so it can fade into the background and you can focus on your work. We know that focusing on small, simple habits over time, can add up to profound changes.

Just like every sports team develops their own style of play, every organization has their own way of practicing Holacracy—you'll find your style over time.

Now, before we end, we have a simple offer for you to consider: We agree to do everything we can to make learning and practicing Holacracy simple and easy. In exchange, we just ask you to lean-in and experiment with these habits. Seems fair? After all, the purpose of this program is to make things easier for YOU. So, try things out. Keep what works. Drop what doesn’t. Soon, you’ll get a message with your first habit. For now, poke around GlassFrog if you haven’t already. No pressure of course.

Core Concept: If you’re not already familiar with the word “tension”, get used to it. We use that word a lot. The Holacracy Constitution defines a tension as "a gap between the current reality and a potential you sense.”So, tensions can be frustrations or inconsistencies, but they could also be opportunities or new things that you want to explore. Sensing and processing tensions will be fundamental to your Holacracy practice. If you’re so inclined, read more about tensions here. Video: Practicing the Right Stuff

The Habit Program isn’t a substitute for having an outside coach, but because it can help you practice the right stuff at the right time, it may be the next best thing.