Holacracy Habits

This collection of pages are copied from the Holacracy Habits guide, which is provided by HolacracyOne via GlassFrog. You’ll have received them in a series of emails when you got your GlassFrog account. We’ve collected them here as an easy reference.
Do NOT just copy/paste or use the text in this series because we did not create it and thus probably not have the rights to it. Feel totally free to refer to it though!


0. Welcome to the Holacracy Habits


1. Habit #1: Name the Role that feels the Tension
2. It’s Always Up to Me to Get the Clarity I Need
3. Why Holacracy Differentiates Role and Soul
4. When NOT to Use Role Names

Sensing & Processing Tensions

5. Habit #2: Record Tensions for Governance
6. The Sausage Grinder
7. Three Tips for Governance Meetings
8. Your Tensions, Your Proposals

Who Are We?

9. Habit #3: Clarify References to “We”
10. Who, “We”?
11. Diffusion of Responsibility
12. What Should “We” Do?

Making Decisions & Going Fast

13. Habit #4: Be a Ferrari
14. Make Mistakes
15. Ruling the Road
16. Review: 10 Things You Already Know

Requesting & Tracking Work From Others

17. Habit #5: Request Work from Other Roles
18. Why Projections are Better than Promises
19. Stay Involved
20. Just Ask


21. Habit #6: Encourage Objections
21. Avoiding the Objections Death Spiral
22. What is an Objection Really?
23. Making Your Objections Valid (and Why You Shouldn’t Care)

Processing Tensions

24. Habit #7: Ask “Does My Role Care?”
25. This Time it’s Personal
26. Individual Initiative
27. Just Say No(t My Accountability)
28. Habit #8: Take Your Tensions Seriously
29. Start Complaining...But Don’t Stop There
30. Pitch Your Ideas
31. Know Problem

Getting Things Done

32. Habit #9: List Next Actions (Not Just Projects)
33. Where is Your List?
34. Urgent vs. Important
35. Tips For Your Next Action List

Power Shift

36. Habit #10: Help Your Circle Lead
37. What a Circle Lead does NOT do
38. What You Can Request from the Circle Lead
39. Don’t Wait for Empowerment

Language & Communication

40. Habit #11: Watch Your Language
41. Be Responsible for What You Hear
42. Three Tips for Dealing with Conflict
43. Making Requests

Recap & Continuous Learning

44. Habit #12: Educate Yourself
45. Review: Debunking Tactical Meeting Myths
46. Review: Debunking Governance Meeting Myths
47. Additional Resources
48. Your Black Belt